A 13-year-old boy in China has become a real-life example of the film ‘Home Alone’. The popular movie showcases how a child, who was left alone at home, survived all by himself, tackled thieves and what not. This little one from China is making headlines for taking care of himself while he was home alone for 66 days as his parents were caught in Shanghai’s coronavirus lockdown. The teenager was living at home by himself for the past two months. He was accompanied by a pet cat and dog.

According to the South China Morning Post, the boy’s parents travelled to Shanghai on February 28 to get medical treatment for his father. Unfortunately, they got stuck there as a lockdown was declared, preventing them from meeting their child until the end of April.

Recalling the incident, the boy’s mother shared that while they used to be concerned about the child’s safety, the little one would reassure her. The mother admitted that their child was morally way stronger than they thought. Though she had planned food deliveries in March to help her son get through the ordeal, the service was halted after Kunshan was placed under lockdown. Tired of eating packaged foods, the child urged his mother to teach him to cook over the phone. When the parents did return in April, the mother discovered that her child and the two pets had actually grown fatter during their separation.

She even mentioned that her son used to clean the cat’s litter box, took the dog for a walk, and gave the pets a regular bath. While the child did proper care of himself, as well as the pets – the general state of the house was just the opposite. “There was no place for us to even put our foot down,” the mother said, describing the condition of the house as “messy.”

However, she was simply grateful for her son’s bravery and optimism, at a time when they were stranded in another city. She added, “My son is generally very lazy and I believe many of his peers do better than him in terms of being independent.”

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