All you want to do after a five-day long, hectic week is to binge on your favourite snacks while watching TV on weekends. You are not alone! In fact, the majority of the average urban working population is exactly the same. Even fitness enthusiasts who work out hard during the week take a break on the weekends. As a result, they tend to weigh more on a Sunday or a Monday than on a Friday.

But worry not, as altering some of the weekend choices will keep you right on track to attain your weight loss goal. So here are a few weekend habits that could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Taking rest from workouts both on Saturday and Sunday

No doubt, your body needs a break from intense workouts, but taking a break from intense workouts doesn’t mean not engaging in physical activity at all. You do not need to lift heavy dumbbells or sweat out of doing pushups. Instead, you can go for a small run or walk in the park.

Binge eating

While binge eating stands as the biggest hindrance to achieving weight loss goals, people tend to excessively engage in it during the weekends when they are enjoying their favourite series. If you really want to enjoy food while watching something, then keep an eye on your snack. Stay away from unhealthy foods like chips and wafers. Instead, you can switch to carrots and cucumbers with healthy, flavourful dips.

Avoid skipping breakfast

Weekends are for staying in bed for as long as possible, and in doing so, we frequently wake up late, sometimes sleeping until noon, which leads to skipping breakfast entirely. This not only affects the metabolism but also causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and therefore it should be rich in protein and vitamins.

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