This year, summers came early. The scorching sun has forced us to cover our faces. Summer is the season of sunglasses since and it has dual benefits of looking cool while also giving protection to your eyes from harmful UV rays. But do you know that sunglasses, as much as they help us block some harmful radiations of the sun, can also cause us immense harm?

Tim Gray, United Kingdom’s leading Biohacker and entrepreneur, talked on Instagram about how sunglasses can starve specific glands in our brain and make us unable to see properly when it’s bright. The post featured Tim’s face with sunglasses on and text that read – “Why sunglasses are bad for your health, sleep & hormones.”

The caption explained that on sunny days, specific wavelengths of sunlight enter the eyes and feed the pituitary and pineal glands that let the brain know it is sunny. This prepares the skin for “direct sunlight exposure” and the skin gets ready to produce Vitamin D. When one wears sunglasses, the brain is tricked into thinking it is cloudy which stops the skin from preparing for direct sunlight exposure.

Tim further explained that wearing sunglasses can also cause fatigue depression and insomnia due to disturbance in circadian rhythm. This is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. He also said that wearing sunglasses can cause hormone cycle imbalances causing severe mood swings and messing with different “body systems”. Tim suggested that sunglasses can also cause eye fatigue leading to poorer vision over time.

While sunglasses have some advantages, it is important for us to know that wearing them all the time can cause these damages leading to various health problems such as insomnia, hormonal imbalances, depression and loss of Vitamin D. Tim concluded the informative post by saying, “Sunlight can be bright & if you’re skiing, on the water or driving, they can help shield your eyes – but not all day every day blocking the essential nutrient: the sun.”

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