“Selfie maine leli aaj,” remember the viral song by our very own Dhinchak Pooja? A few years back, a cringe-pop star took the internet by storm with this one song. And now, after a couple of years, Dhinchak is back with the second iteration of the song that broke the Internet. Sitting in front of the mirror, the Ex-Bigg Boss contestant can be seen looking straight at the camera and mouthing the lyrics. Dhinchak, who has songs such as ‘Swag Wali Topi,’ ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj,’ and ‘Baapu Dede Thoda Cash’ to her name, had also entertained us during the 2020 lockdowns with a coronavirus awareness song. Have a look at her latest one:

Released on May 8, the video has over 20K views. The song has garnered several hilarious reactions on social media.

Dhinchak shot to fame with her debut song ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’ which was watched by millions when it was first released. Nobody could have imagined that even this song could be salvaged one day, but a talented music composer did the impossible earlier this year. Taking to Instagram, musician Mayur Jumani shared a video where he can be seen ‘jamming’ with Pooja. An old video of Pooja plays on the screen in the background where she says ‘Yo People’ after Mayur welcomes her to the show.

In his video, Mayur used the original video of the Selfie song but has added his music and with the help of editing, the new version sounds nothing like the original one, where let’s be honest, there was no tune or voice moderation. Pooja’s voice has been edited to make it sound like she is singing in tune with Mayur’s version.

Fans were definitely impressed with Mayur’s skills. While one fan commented that for the first time, the Selfie song sounded musical, another said that Mayur took a huge responsibility by trying to fix Dhinchak Pooja’s song, adding that the music composer has done well.

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