Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor has become the latest celebrity to be criticised for making an allegedly tone-deaf comment. Harsh Varrdhan made an appearance on Mashable India’s The Bombay Journey to talk about his film Thar, which is where the comments in question were made. As per an Outlook report, the actor said that contrary to popular perception, his parents Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor do not lavish him with gifts and that he pays for his own things. “I hate to break it to the audience, but the reality is that my parents have no interest in paying for my sh*t. So, I wish you all were right and I was wrong. I would have had ten times more than what I have but I buy my own stuff,” the report quoted him as saying. He also added that this was the “sad reality” of his life.

Harsh also said he could have had five cars instead of one or 30 watches if he had actually lived the kind of life people think he does. He added that he was planning to buy a pre-owned Lamborghini for Rs 1 crore instead of a new one for Rs 3 crore. The statements got him trolled on Twitter.

Harsh Varrdhan also spoke about how his parents don’t pay for his regular expenses but would certainly be there for him if there was a certain bill that he couldn’t afford to pay. That, however, would be an only an occasional call. He claimed that his film choices don’t enable him to lead a luxurious lifestyle, claiming that making more mainstream movies might have made that possible.

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