The world’s loneliest post office lies in the Tengger Desert of Inner Mongolia. Surrounded by dunes, the wooden post office of Tengger Desert is built in only 15 square meters and does not get too many visitors. However, after being abandoned for over 35 years, the post office was recently discovered by a few individuals. With the help of the internet, it is now surprisingly bustling with human connection.

With no human connection whatsoever, the Desert Post Office of inner Mongolia had not seen a single employee or visitor in years. However, surprisingly, a total of 20,000 letters and postcards were sent from here in December 2021.

And, it all happened because of Miss Zhang, who is campaigning to bring this remote post office back to life. The post office is 10 km away from the main road, so there was never much human presence here. But as soon as people became aware of its existence, many started coming here after crossing all the obstacles.

Miss Zhang and her friend Luo Meng started a ghostwriting business to keep the world’s loneliest post office alive. As they sent letters and postcards from the world’s loneliest post office to the people without actually visiting the place, it boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Miss Zhang and her colleagues could hardly keep up with the online requests from China and countries like Singapore or Australia.

To bring the long-lost post office back, Ms Zhang and her friend convinced a few other people to help them rebuild the place. Soon after completing the structure in 20 days, the two applied with China Post to include the wooden shack in its 700 post offices in China. After the review, the application was accepted and now letters and postcards are sent worldwide from here.

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