A woman’s bag is full of unusual stuff and this story has blown away netizens all across social media. Taking to Reddit, a user shared how she discovered “weird-looking” balls. However, what these balls turned out to be in reality came as a major shocker. “Found those weird-looking balls on my abandoned makeup bag. Turns out, those are lizard eggs,” wrote the person in the caption. Have a look at the eggs:

The post has gone viral and garnered a lot attention from netizens. “As if letting the eggs hatch and then leaving the lizards to fend for themselves in the relative safety of your house was a bit less involved than taking care for a quarter of your life of a needy, helpless, human being with all the moral, economic, and legal responsibilities it carries. How fucking strange innit,” wrote a person in the comment section. Another person asked, “Do you live in Florida? This is the beginning of lizard mating/hatching season, especially for the most common lizard: the brown/green anole. Totally harmless little things, and actually good as a roommate because you hardly see them, and they eat every insect in sight.” To this, the person responded, “I live in Bangladesh. It’s pretty common to see lizard in our home tbh. And yeah, lizards are totally harmless and they eat my enemy mosquitoes.”

“Mother of dragons,” commented a Reddit user. To which, the uploader replied, “Can’t wait to be a granny next.” Another Reddit user wrote about his confusion as he wrote, “How did you find out they were lizard eggs? I mean if it were me I’d have picked one up, squished it a bit and generally manhandled the heck out of it before realising that might be a life I had most likely snuffed out. Please tell me you didn’t do a me.”

What would have your reaction been to discovering these eggs?

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