Postboxes may seem very outdated to us now but they were the only source of communication not too long ago. The only way people could send messages to their relatives sitting far away was through postal services.

In today’s time, with the advent of the Internet, people can talk on video calls and send text messages to their relatives sitting in different corners of the world in a quarter of a second. Now, people have lost interest in receiving the letter sent by Postbox and replying to it.

You must have seen the regular postbox at some point in your life. But have you ever imagined how they are attached to the ground? How did they look under the ground? Let’s find out

A picture of 3 postboxes is going viral on various social media platforms. A user, @fecklessfox100, posted a picture of it on Twitter with the caption, “Today is the day I learned that they are not just attached to the floor!” And later the picture was re-posted by a page thearchbishopofbanterbury on Instagram.

The postbox, which we always thought was fixed only to the floor, is much bigger and is planted deep into the ground. The portion that goes into the ground is painted black.

The picture has received millions of likes and more than 1,000 users have already commented on it. So many of the users were surprised, but some also reacted like it was nothing new. The picture of these postboxes was clicked when they were being shifted from one place to another.

One of the users commented, “Is this really what happens?” At the same time, another user wrote, “Omg I didn’t know this either.” “It doesn’t happen what it looks like,” said a third Insta user.

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