There are foods that you just cannot be careful with. No matter how prudently you bite into these foods – burgers, tacos, lasagne, among others – condiments are bound to come out and fall. Rolls and burritos also fall in this category. There is always an ongoing contest between your mouth and the filling that is running away from the other end. But not anymore.

Introducing Burrito Bumper. An “unnecessary invention” that grabbed the netizens’ attention instantly; this funnel-shaped tool catches all the filling falling out of your wraps and burritos. Now, you would wonder what happens with the filling. You can make a taco out of it! Actually, the funnel opens up to a cavity made for a taco to fit in. The filling that comes out of the burrito, becomes the stuffing for the taco.

Take a look:

The clip was shared by a guy named Matty Benedetto, who, according to the Instagram bio, “Design and build products that do not exist.” But this invention that Matty designed has struck a chord with lakhs of viewers who are ready to invest.

Viewed by roughly 48 lakh viewers, since being shared, the clip has got comments of appreciation and from potential customers. Many were confused how they initially followed Matty for unnecessary inventions but are finding this one extremely useful. “Shut up and take my money,” wrote one user. Another tagged the invention as “genius.” “I am definitely in need of this. I am a mess,” wrote one user. “As a Mexican, I totally approve of this,” wrote another.

Matty is quite popular on social media for his bizarre, creative, and many times, useful inventions that he generally creates with his 3-D printer. Since we are on the topic of sloppy eaters, there is another invention by Matty that lets you dirty your hands with confidence, called the “sloppy slacks”.

So, would you buy a Burrito Bumper?

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