Body pain is not just a reaction to the stimuli but can also act as indicators that tell you about the changes in your body. These signals can also make you aware of one of the most malevolent chronic illnesses, Cancer. Cancer pains are caused by the tumour that is growing inside, causing disturbance to the nerves, bones, or organs. In addition, tumours also release pain-inducing chemicals that can be the reason for the suffering.

Types of Cancer pains

Cancer pains are broadly divided into four categories depending on the various characteristics associated with them. If the pain is localised, then it’s Somatic Pain. This pain induces a feeling of constant aching, throbbing, or cramping at one place. If the sensation is characterised by burning or tingling, then it can indicate nerve damage and is called Neuropathic pain.

If the constant nature of the pain subsides and rather a recurring pain replaces it, then it can be categorised as Acute or Chronic pain. Such pains generally mimic the pain caused by an injury. The last type of cancer pain is Visceral pain and has more possibility of prevailing than other categories of cancer pains. Visceral pain causes pressure on one or more organs and results in acute pain inside the cavity of your body such as chest, pelvis, or abdomen.

How to Manage Cancer Pains

Although quite possible, some cancer patients do not experience these pains. But if you do, you cannot ignore them and carve out your treatment journey accordingly. Therapies and medicines are quite effective to subdue, if not eradicate these pains. Other ways to deal with cancer pains to undergo nerve block procedures, as per Mayo Clinic.

It is also important for cancer patients to be vocal about their pain with their health care professionals. The reluctance for advice or treatment against cancer pain can vary. While some are fearful of the side-effects of the heavy medicines prescribed, some fear an addiction to opioid.

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